not quiting the day job

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I know, our business seems so professional that it’s hard to believe any of us still need to work at all.  The funny thing is that all of us at imbue, do exactly what we do for imbue, but for someone else (sort of).  Neil makes and sells drinks, Jen manages a tasting room and directs national sales,  and I am a winemaker by day (vermouth machinist by night.)  This time of year is pretty interesting in the valley, everyone is prepping for harvest, cleaning things, and getting organized.  Today I racked 100 barrels of 2010 Pinot Noir at Patton Valley.  Pretty bitchin.  Take a...

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Holler out

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Just a quick note to say imbue is all about town.  Actually we are in approximately 4 restaurants, but we will get there.  Portland release was Monday and Neil is cruising PDX kickin’ ass and takin’ names.  Find Neil (Neil@imbuecellars.com) if you are in Portland and need a sip of  imbue.

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Look sexy for the camera Elenka

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This is not your grandmother’s vermouth,  imbue is our grandmother’s vermouth.  Thank you Elenka Niehaus for giving birth to wonderful children who gave birth to wonderful children, who helped give birth to a wonderful bottle of vermouth.  This is my Nana enjoying her first sip of imbue. imbue is a modern spin on a classic beverage.  The phrase “this is not your grandmother’s vermouth” is meant only to imply modernity.   We respect our elders and hope grandmother’s will drink imbue, ours...

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imbue in a bottle

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The culmination of our efforts as vermouthers is here.  Tuesday was the day: final filtration, bottling, capped, labeled and we have a battalion of these beautiful little soldiers, packed into there boxes and ready to ship out.  That’s right, thanks to wikipedia, we know now that 1200 = a battalion, and not a brigade, or regiment or anything like that. The beginning is near.  Filtration can really mess with the make up of a wine like this; it breaks some of the long chain molecular bonds and it takes some time for these bonds to reconnect and for the vermouth to come back to...

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This is not how we filtered imbue

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but we did filter today.

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imbue it or lose it

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These are our labels, sitting shotgun on their way home.

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