Classic Dry Vermouth

Imbue Classic Dry Vermouth is our newest creation.  While we love challenging ourselves to create new, innovative aperitifs we also wanted to honor the classic vermouths that paved the way.  Meet our classic Dry Vermouth: produced from wine that is barrel aged for  2 to 4 years and infused with wormwood and other bewitching botanicals.

Tasting notes:

Classic aromas of dried grass and wet earth are complemented by hints of vanilla, sage and baking spice.  Notes of pear and caramelized nuts entice the palate which is finished off with soft hints of wormwood and sweet oregano.

A twist of lemon accentuates both the aromas and flavors of this classic beauty.  It can been enjoyed on the rocks or straight up and is perfect for classic cocktailing.  While the Bittersweet pairs well with New American Style Liquors this vermouth BEGS to be paired with London Style Gins.

Our Favorite Recipe: The Classic Martini
2:1/2 oz London Dry Gin
3/4 oz Classic Dry Vermouth
Stir and add lemon zest
Serve straight up

Base wine:

Grape Brandy from  Clear Creek Distillery and New Deal Distillery

Eleven dried raw botanicals,  including Wormwood