here’s to what’s next


The 3 of you out there have been bummed these last couple weeks because the imbue blog has run dry.  I talked to my mom last night and it turns out even she can’t find the time to keep up with my musings.  Thanks mom.

It’s all alright though, with harvest set in out here in the valley, we are working long hours, days on end to do everything we can to keep the wine flowing, and imbue coursing through your veins.  It’s been a tough year for Pinot noir in the valley, but never fear, the white wine looks beautiful!  All this cool weather lengthening out the growing season is making a beautiful vintage for Oregon Pinot gris.  Sure it’s so good by itself, but now try it with herb.  No, not that herb.  We are so excited to make our second batch and put imbue into more people’s hand’s next year. 

Imbue has really taken PDX by storm these last few weeks, being poured at many a hot spot and sittin’ on the shelf at some sweet spots as well.  Thank you everyone, for everything, especially you Portland.